Communication & Email Security

An important part of every company is trusted communication, and without proper security your customers and staff can be exposed to hackers, fraud, and phishing. Are your emails and web communications at risk of damaging your business’s online reputation?

Invest in your Internet notoriety with Communications Security!

Email is the most widely used and ubiquitous form of digital communication in the world, and is the gold standard when it comes to customer interactions, mass marketing, and sharing information within your team.

However, without proper email security, scammers who impersonate your company email domain can quickly ruin your hard-earned reputation online, or even pretend to be an executive requesting an immediate wire transfer from your accounting department - a threat that has become many businesses unfortunate reality.

Worse yet, hackers who use social engineering tactics and phishing schemes trick their victims into giving up their account information, which they can use to steal sensitive information in emails: private contact info, credit cards, and social security numbers are then copied, and the crooks can no longer be stopped.

Expeditech takes your Communications Security seriously, utilizing time-tested and standards-based methods such as DMARC, Multi-Factor Authentication, and PGP Encryption to fully secure your email, prevent unauthorized account access, and stop email domain spoofing from sources you don’t trust. 

In addition to taking active measures to ensure your communications are secure, Expeditech Communications Security also plans and executes Digital Security Drills for staff members to safely sharpen their ability of detecting email threats and phishing attempts - ensuring they know what to do when the real thing hits.


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