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Businesses of all sizes and sectors are being forced to rethink traditional business models and processes to survive. Are you ready to change and embrace new technologies that will enable your business to flourish?

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with Premium IT Consulting - Los Angeles, CA

Get the most out of your information technology and shield your company from cyber threats by hiring the professional IT consultants at Expeditech.

IT Consulting Services in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Monica

Meet your business objectives and set your business on a path towards success with premium IT consulting in Los Angeles. At Expeditech, our seasoned team of IT support professionals offers a full suite of services to support business continuity. Explore some of our managed services below.

Transformation Services

As the preferred IT consulting firm in Southern California, we support our clients' companies with their technological needs, keeping them on the cutting edge of their respective industries. With careful planning, our projects will help your business implement the right technology to capture emerging targets in an evolving marketplace. As part of the transformation process, our IT consultants will:

  • Assess the current state of your business's technology network during an on-site visit

  • Identify and address issues that may be holding back your business online and offer a solution

  • Deliver new technologies to support the future of your business

  • Strategize with management to achieve company-wide adoption of new technology

Some of the best technologies to give you an edge over competing businesses include cloud computing, software-defined networking, virtualization of your operating systems and applications, and the latest security platforms.

Project Services

Let Expeditech support your business with its technological goals through our project-based services. Whether you wish to overhaul your network, institute new security measures, or install new hardware and software, our IT consulting services ensure a seamless process during the entire project.

Embarking on a new IT project presents certain risks that require the knowledge and expertise of veteran technology professionals. At Expeditech, we pride ourselves on completing projects well within established deadlines and under our clients’ estimated budget.

Assessment Services

Take a snapshot of the current state of your IT network with Assessment Services from Expeditech. To understand the direction of your company, you need to know where it stands today. Our IT professionals will perform a comprehensive analysis of your company’s technological assets, processes, and needs to create a roadmap for future success.

During the risk assessment period, we will examine your technology’s infrastructure, operations, hardware, software, and more. We’ll also check for proper licensing and other documentation. Finally, we will gauge the overall performance of your IT systems and deliver the latest solutions to any problems we may identify.

Security Consulting

Protect your sensitive data with our expert security consulting. As growing online threats become more sophisticated and malicious, companies must stay on top of the latest cyber security protocols. Our seasoned team members at Expeditech will test your IT systems, network, and software for potential vulnerabilities and suggest the best available solution. Some of our most popular, security-oriented IT consulting services include:

  • Real-time cyber security threat assessments

  • Firewalls and anti-intrusion systems

  • Cloud consulting and email security

  • Access management and credentialing solutions

  • Mobile security

  • Backup and disaster recovery

Proven Benefits of Working with a Trusted IT Consulting Firm - Los Angeles

Businesses in Los Angeles are seeing the benefits of hiring an IT consulting company to handle their technological concerns. Aside from developing a digital strategy for improved networking and internet security, hiring an outside IT company offers several advantages. Below, discover some of the main benefits your Los Angeles business will enjoy by working with an IT firm.

Budget Friendly IT Services

Unlike recruiting an internal team of IT professionals, hiring an IT consultant often represents a short-term commitment with a fixed cost. This makes it much easier to budget your company’s IT resources and reduces the chance that you overpay for IT services. Plus, if you ever need additional IT consulting services, you can always extend your contract with Expeditech.

Avoid the Hassle of Hiring Employees

Avoid the constant merry-go-round of IT support staff by working with an IT consulting company instead. Interviewing, vetting, and recruiting in-house IT personnel requires a lot of time and money. The high turnover rate within the IT industry means you may have to go through the hiring process more often than you would like. Avoid the headaches by engaging the consultants at Expeditech for your IT services.

Affordable Access to the Latest Technology

At Expeditech, our consultants provide the latest hardware and software solutions at a fraction of the cost. Buying everything you need to update your infrastructure and systems can prove costly and time-consuming. However, our experts bring cutting-edge solutions to your business at a significant discount. Plus, we’ll install it all for you and make sure it runs at peak performance.

Breadth of Experience

Our veteran IT professionals work with companies in almost every sector of the economy. As such, their knowledge and technical expertise vastly outpace that of most in-house IT support staff. When you partner with our consultants, you can eliminate the risk of hiring a new IT recruit with a narrow skill set. Our consultants have expertise resolving every type of IT support issue and have managed countless custom IT projects.

Common Issues That Our IT Consulting Company Can Resolve

It requires eternal vigilance to stay on top of the latest technology and anticipate emergent threats. Most organizations remain unaware of the most common IT issues until a breach occurs. You can find some of the most common issues that our information technology consultants resolve below.

Internal Security Risks

Many small businesses remain concerned about outside security threats while devoting inadequate resources to the issue of internal risks. Inexperienced employees represent one of the weakest links for a company because they prove susceptible to phishing attacks and often create weak passwords. As part of our service, Expeditech will map out internal access for multiple users and educate employees to improve network safety.

Outdated Infrastructure and Software

With every passing day, your company becomes more vulnerable to hacking. As your infrastructure and software creep towards obsolescence, the security of your entire network suffers. Our expert IT consultants at Expeditech will shore up any technical issues at your company so you can get back to doing what you know best without worrying about security.

Data Loss

The loss of critical data often presents a nightmare situation for a business. The cost of losing a just few files can run into tens of thousands of dollars. Expeditech will protect you from data loss caused by power outages, hacking, and equipment malfunctions by setting up a comprehensive backup and recovery scheme.

Protect the future of your business by hiring one of the most trusted IT consulting firms. Call Expeditech at (310) 421-9444 for an informative IT consultation and find out why we're one of the leading IT consulting firms Los Angeles has to offer.


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