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Managed Telephony
Expeditech Unified Communications solutions provide your business with Enterprise-Grade Telephony, Video Calling & Business Conferencing that takes your business communications to the next level.
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Managed Telephony

Complete Business Phone Systems Los Angeles, CA

No matter the size of your Los Angeles-based business, keeping in contact with customers, staff members, vendors, and other professionals is crucial for business growth. Calls through office phone systems are a common way to reach out to people, but not all plans are reliable for every business' needs.

Large businesses and small businesses alike require dependable telecommunication solutions, which Expeditech can provide. Serving small businesses throughout Los Angeles, CA and Orange County, our company specializes in business phone systems and communication solutions. If you run a small business or have clients or employees in various locations, we can help you connect with them.

Premium Business Phone Services for Los Angeles-Based Businesses

Expeditech offers customizable business plans for offices throughout Los Angeles, CA. Whether you need a basic business phone system for co-workers to call clients from a local office or a more advanced system to connect employees and customers in multiple offices in Los Angeles and other areas, we can help.

Our goal is to help your small business reach new heights by expanding your business' communication through enterprise-grade business telephone systems. We offer a full suite of unified communication solutions that provide seamless function and enhanced features like instant messaging and business conferencing.

We will not only customize a communications platform to help your Los Angeles, CA business stay in contact with employees and clients; our skilled team will also manage and monitor your systems continuously to ensure that the phone system operates to its fullest potential at all times. Our monitoring services also include regular firmware and security updates, so you never have to worry about outdated features that could pose a security risk to your business.

Phone System Installation

As part of our phone services in the Los Angeles area, Expeditech offers professional phone installations for small businesses. We work with experienced technicians who provide the best phone system installation service in Los Angeles.

Whether you need desk phones for your office with all the same features or a unique phone setup customized to your business's needs, you can rely on our telephony experts to advise you about ideal phone products on the market and install them with care.

Business Phone Upgrades

Aside from phone system installation service, we can also upgrade your existing business phone system. If your current phones are outdated or can't support your business's demands, a new business phone systems setup will assist you as your business grows.

If you prefer to move your Los Angeles, CA office away from a traditional phone service into a VoIP phone system, we can assist you. The Expeditech experts can also upgrade your phone system from the PRI model to a SIP infrastructure.

Phone System Repair

Business phone systems in Los Angeles are not invulnerable to problems, damage, or malfunctions. Without reliable phone systems, your business can suffer dramatically.

At Expeditech, we not only provide unparalleled phone system solutions to clients in Los Angeles, CA, but we also provide phone system repair so you can contact workers and customers. Our team works swiftly to minimize your company's downtime.

Business Telephone Systems for the Los Angeles Area

With technology continuing to evolve, we know it's essential for businesses to work with updated devices and services. Technology improves communication, which translates to improved business efficiency, greater employee productivity, and enhanced customer service.


With VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology, users don't have to rely on traditional phone lines to call someone. Instead, Expeditech harnesses the power of cloud platforms to allow people to place a phone call using an internet connection.

VoIP offers more benefits than analog phone systems at a fraction of the cost, which is why many small businesses in Los Angeles, CA are switching services. We work with public cloud systems like Microsoft Azure and GCP and private cloud solutions for added security. VoIP service allows users to contact anyone via a phone call using a computer or hardwired phone.

The service works by converting a phone call into data. A robust WiFi signal or Ethernet cables will transmit the data without requiring a traditional phone service. VoIP systems support remote work and local and international calls. They also come with advanced features like call queues and call recording.

Enterprise-Grade Telephony

At Expeditech, we bring corporate communication solutions to small to mid-sized businesses. Unfortunately, a traditional analog business phone system isn't always enough to support a growing business' communication demands. That is why we strive to implement enterprise-grade cloud and on-premises communication deployments to accommodate demanding performance requirements.

Video Conferencing

Telephone systems aren't the only way to contact your team or talk to clients in real-time. Our Los Angeles business phone solutions include video calling or conferencing through a computer or mobile phone.

Business phone systems that include video calling are highly beneficial to small businesses because they allow leaders to meet with clients and workers from anywhere in the world. With a conferencing service, there's no need to gather people to discuss business at your Los Angeles office. Instead, you can contact everyone with the push of a button and have face-to-face interactions with people regardless of their locations.

If you want to support telework for your employees, video conferencing services from Expeditech are an excellent option. The service promotes collaboration, communication, and usability. Instead of managing multiple communication devices for real-time instant messaging, calls, and more, workers can focus on a video call that allows them to discuss business matters in a reliable format.

Expeditech understands the communication needs of Los Angeles small businesses, which is why we offer premium business phone systems. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to increase your company's profitability through advanced business phone solutions.

We work closely with clients to help them select the best deployment architecture for their company's communication needs, including public and private cloud hosting. Expeditech backs its years of managed IT and advanced services with the belief that personalized solutions are ideal. Our customized systems provide enhanced security, protection, speed, reliability, and scalability.

At Expeditech, we are more than business phones. Contact us today to learn more about our superior managed telephony services.

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