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Security Services
Attack vectors, frequency and sophistication of threats against business information are on the rise. Are you taking the necessary steps to ensure your business is not the next to suffer a data breach?
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Security Services

Managing a pervasive security posture across business information systems is a burdensome and complex task.

Expeditech have the capability, partnerships and experience to deliver a pervasive IT Security Service, from Endpoint through to Edge and across Cloud and Distributed Networks.

Expeditech will commence with a comprehensive assessment of your IT Infrastructure, Networks and Applications to uncover vulnerabilities and risk areas, followed by a thorough gap analysis that will leave you with a roadmap to remediation and compliance.

Leveraging best of breed tools and methodologies - we can help you establish and maintain the ongoing security and integrity of your critical business information that includes:

  • Identity & Access Management
  • Next-Generation Firewalls & Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Cross Platform Endpoint & Mobile Security
  • Public Cloud Network, Content & Email Security
  • Next-Generation Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Real-Time Visibility of Security Information & Events

Last, but not least - People are at the center of IT Security, and we will work with you to educate and engage people across your organization in not only the how, but also the why in Security related processes and initiatives.

The Expeditech Difference?
Deep Expertise
With over 20 years of consulting experience across the world and IT Projects that span numerous industries, you name the challenge, we’ve likely seen it - and we’ve got the know-how to chart the course from initial vision to successful implementation.
Trusted Advisor
Expeditech are committed to being your trusted, unbiased and strategic advisor, with recommendations to ensure the initiatives you implement today will not hold you back in the future.
Expeditech do not believe in ‘Run of the Mill’ packaged solutions. We start with a thorough analysis and understanding of your business and present technology issues, which we use to create strategic recommendations and solutions for your IT Services.
Expeditech will help you define practical action items, opportunities and roadblocks to ensure your new technology initiatives are clearly understood, valued and executed across your business.
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